Meet Vish Puri

He’s portly, persistent and unmistakably Punjabi. In hot and dusty Delhi, where call centres and malls are changing the fabric of Indian life, Puri’s main work comes from screening prospective marriage partners, a job once the preserve of aunties and family priests. But when more challenging cases come his way,… Continue reading

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vish puris favourite food

Crispy golden aloo pakora


Thin and round slices of potatoes dipped in a thin layer of besan and deep fried are a delight to relish
Crispy golden yellow aloo pakora teamed with hot masala chai is a stealer. You can relish the mouthwatering aloo pakora along with your spouse or with a group of… Continue reading

Butter Chicken


This is one of Puri’s all time favourites – a tangy dish of marinated chicken and a makhani sauce created by mixing cream, butter, tomato puree with various spices, including cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, pepper and fenugreek leaves. The dish was created at the old Moti Mahal Delux restaurant in… Continue reading